About me


My name is Lidia, but you can call me Lily.

I am an International Politics student by day, a freelance writer by night and an environmentalist every second of every day.

I was born and raised in a farming family in the Castillian countryside. I’ve always felt incredibly close to nature and I was taught from an early age to love and take care of her. 

For a long time, I struggled thinking that I wasn’t doing  (or couldn’t even do) enough to help our planet, but now I do believe that our everyday actions do count. In an ideal world, all these little actions would be accompanied by grandiose acts of advocacy and activism to demand big changes to those that call the shots. But this right here is real life and not everyone has the time / energy / ability / interest to do that. And that’s okay.

See, I’m a realistic environmentalist. 

I accept that each of us are different and are going to walk this walk in a different way. Sometimes being pretty green is enough. You don’t need to spend too much time or energy in making some changes, and you shouldn’t be forced to make changes you’re not comfortable with – you can read this post called “I’m a bad environmentalist” to see that you can consider that I even suck at sustainability.

I love fashion, the planet and politics, and I am kind of obsessed with communicating the importance of the intersection between these three and empower others to be in control of their choices to live their ideal green life.

Will you join me?


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