About me

Hey there!

My name is Lidia and I study International Politics in Sofia, Bulgaria – but I’m from Spain! How did I even get here?

I’ve lived very close to nature all my life and from a very early age, I was taught to love and take care of her. 

So now I’ve created this blog to reach those who are eager to greenify their lives.

For a long time, I struggled thinking that I wasn’t doing enough to help our cute little planet, but now I’ve come to the realization that our small-individual-everyday actions really do count, and that we don’t always need to be perfect, we just need to try our best.

I am by no means at the finish line of my sustainability journey — nowhere close, actually! — but I am SO excited to learn more and more every day and make meaningful changes in my life.

I want to show you that an eco-friendly lifestyle is possible for everyone – you don’t need to make weird and radical changes into your life. And you don’t need to spend too much time figuring this all out, nor to break your piggy bank in the process.  

I would love to inspire you to live a more conscious life, and to realize that your daily choices can have a meaningful impact on the world.

So join me, let’s be pretty green <3



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