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Pretty Green Lily is the digital community for those planet-loving individuals who want to join mindful conversations about all things sustainability.

Everything you do has an impact on Mama Earth. The clothes you wear, the food you eat, the wine you drink, the money you spend and the votes you cast all have the potential to make our planet a better or a worse place to live in.

Sustainability should be the norm, and the only way to find solutions to today's systemic problems is by talking about them. This can be intimidating, but our goal is making these conversations accessible, productive and exciting.

And that is our why.

A love letter from our founder

My name is Lidia and I am a climate advocate, a conscious entrepreneur and a stubborn optimist. 

I come from a small Spanish town where I was raised in a big farming family. Because I was surrounded by nature and by people who made a living off of her, I always saw proof of this big scary thing we now call climate emergency. 

When I was a kid we didn’t use the words climate emergency to refer to the impact of our changing climate. We’d also see hundreds of small plastic fibres around our fields – microplastics – and we’d notice how draughts followed floods and how summers would get warmer and winters colder – extreme weather events –, but we didn’t have the terminology nor the awareness we have today to talk about these issues (and to do something about them). 

On 2019 I created Pretty Green Lily because I had the climate scaries and needed a creative outlet to decompress, but also because I felt that I needed to talk about these big and intimidating realities. 

Awareness precedes action, and what I hope PGL continues to do is to  educate anyone willing to learn, and foster productive conversations for all of those who see it as their safe space. 

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