Eco-Friendly Planners for the New Year


What? We’re about to enter a new decade and you don’t have a planner yet?

As a self-confessed stationery and organization addict, I struggle to find notebooks and planners that really are eco-friendly AND practical AND pretty.

So don’t let the new year catch you off guard and check these eco-friendly planners for 2020.

A Good Company

They can cover all your eco-friendly stationery needs.

They don’t use normal paper for their planners and notebooks, and instead, they use this thingy called stone paper.

What is stone paper? Let us put our smart pants on. It’s made from a marble mining byproduct called calcium carbonate, and recycled plastic. Their goal is avoiding tree cutting and all the water waste, land degeneration and chemical use that come with traditional paper.

They have different sizes and layouts. Personally, I’m a dotted grid kinda girl, but you can choose between dotted, lined or blank paper.

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And I always gravitate to pink, but they have more gorgeous colors to choose from.


If you’re into setting up and decorating your own bullet journal, this is your brand.

These notebooks are 100% vegan certified, and the paper is FSC – which means no forests were harmed in their making. Oh, and all the materials are recyclable!

They also have different cover designs with different animals. I personally cannot decide which is my favorite, but I love the tiger, the little elephant, and the kangaroo.

AND have I mentioned the inner part of the covers are covered in animal footprints? C U T E.

Oh, and Dingbats also donates 2% of their earnings to WWF.  What’s not to love?


They use FSC recycled paper and soy ink.

Soy ink is kind of an oily substance (hmmm…ink?) that comes from soybeans instead of petroleum like traditional ink does. Amongst other things, it makes paper easier to recycle.

Their planners come already printed with dates, calendars, and special pages for gratitude, good habit tracking and reminders to take care of yourself (cute!).

So this is your perfect planner if you’re not into the bullet journal DIY thing.

You can also get the undated version that will be useful any year, any time.


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Sasha  Kretova

Her notebooks are little works of art.

She’s am illustrator living in Helsinki who does this kind of adorable goodies from eco-friendly materials.

All the paper and carton she uses are recycled, the fabrics are scraps from textile businesses, and the binding of the notebooks is made using 100% cotton thread. As you can see, she takes care of even the smallest details.


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Her planners come dated for each year, but she has also beautifully made blank notebooks.

Matt and Nat

I bet you know Matt and Nat as the brand that designs all your favorite vegan accessories.

And apparently now they’re also the makers of your next favorite notebook sleeve. It comes with a removable pad, meaning that you can reuse your beautiful sleeve for years to come.

The inner lining is made of recycled bottles.

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