Fashion Revolution Week: Get Involved from Home


Do you know Fashion Revolution? It’s the platform makes the whole message of sustainability in fashion go around.

It’s a global movement in which designers, producers, consumers, educators,…everyone that has anything to do with fashion can – and should – take part. I could talk about it for days.

So every year, we celebrate Fashion Revolution Week on the aniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza in order to raise awareness, learn more about the situation of fashion and sustainability, become more involved,… All that good stuff.

Thankfully, we can still participate in the Fashion Revolution Week from the comfort of our homes – so there’s no excuse not to!

Last year I took part in it for the first time, and it really opened my eyes to the impact each and every one of us – little humans who enjoy fashion and live in social media – can be activists and be a part of the revolution the fashion industry needs.

It’s all about demanding accountability to fashion brands, and spreading the idea of responsible and conscious consumption.

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How to get involved in Fashion Revolution Week 2020

1. Ask #WhoMadeMyClothes and #WhatsOnMyClothes

Probably you’ve seen these hashtags around. Well, now you know where they come from.

FR encourages you to post a selfie on social media holding one of the Fashion Revolution posters you can download here.

Tag @fash_rev and the brands you want to be accountable on the post, so that they can feel that eco-pressure from all of us. Think about the fast fashion that violate human rights, or those that don’t care about using endangered resources.

Maybe you’ve seen also the hashtag #IMadeYourClothes. This one is used by transparent fashion brands that can prove fairness in their supply line, like the case of People Tree on their page called Fashion Revolution.

fashion revolution week i made my clothes

2. #LovedClothesLast

Ay, I love this one.

Use this hashtag when you upload a photo with your most beloved clothes. You know, that handmade sweater you got during your holidays with friends, those jeans that have basically grown with you, that scarf you inherited from your mom,…

And don’t forget to tell us your love story!

I love telling you on Instagram about my clothes’ love stories from time to time. And I did it on this post, where I showed you some of my most beloved hand-me-down clothes.

3. Join Fashion Revolution online events

I cannot tell you how excited I’m about this.

You can check the event calendar here to see which events you’re interested in taking part in – remember that you have to register for some of them!

I’m specially looking forward to the Workshop on Fashion and wellbeing.

4. Be in the know about fashion and sustainability

Fashion Revolution publishes the ultimate magazine on fashion and sustainability. The topic of the current issue: Action Required.

It’s an investigation on the relation between 10 sustainable development goals and the fashion industry. These are two of my favorite matters on the topic of sustainable fashion, so I’m THRILLED.

You can also find older issues of the magazine here – they never get old.

You can also learn more using all the resources about the fashion industry they offer on their website. One of the most interesting and insightful resources they offer is the transparency index analyses.

And if you want to start with the basics of sustainable fahsion, don’t forget to check our series Sustainable Fashion 101 or to download the free Sustainable Fashion Beginner’s Guide here

5. Write an email to a fashion brand

Fast fashion and unsustainable fashion companies need to feel the pressure.

So choose your cause, choose which brands you want to address, and send them an email asking for accountability.

You can find Fashion Revolution’s email template here.

5. Sign the Fashion Revolution manifesto

FR has the most comprehensive but accessible manifesto that you can sign to be a part of the change.

You can find it here and sign it if you want to use your voice for a fair fast fashion industry – they have almost 10,000 signatures, make yours count!

6. Learn how to tell if a fashion brand is sustainable

I worte about this on this post. I think it’s SO IMPORTANT for consumers to really know the difference between real sustainable brands, and brands that are (falsely) marketed as sustainable brands.

It’s where our responsability as conscoius consumers starts.

You can learn more on this post.

7. Participate in FR clothes swap

We’ve talked about clothes swap events on this post.

FR makes it easy to host and attend clothes swap events all over the world. So stay posted to know when the next one in your area will take place!

On their site, you can find all the tips and how-to materials to successfully organize a clothes swap, or make the most of any clothes swap you attend.

Have you participated in Fashion Revolution Week before? Why not starting this year?

Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram so that we can live this week together!

What do you think?

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