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I’m still in self care mode, and I’ve been looking for ways to make my home feel like a relaxing piece of heaven.

Part of this has consisted in separating my Work from Home space from my Treat Yo’ Self space (you can see some behind the scenes of this process on my Instagram if you’re curious!).

I’m still working on it, but I’m making my me-time space as eco-friendly and low waste as possible. I’ve always used colorful plastic loofas, harsh peeling facemasks, and very artificial hair products without realising that they were hurting me and the environment.

You know, all those chemicals are no good. And think about all the plastic bottles that these products come in: all the plastic bottles you’ve ever used are still lying in some landfill.

So now my priorities for my home spa are using ingredients that are healthy for me and for the planet, and being as low waste and low impact as possible.

I don’t order many things online because I’m always worried about the emissions produced by the delivery, so when I do it I really make sure that the company in question is responsible and mindful about their emissions (and if they offset them, x200 better).

At the moment, we can’t get our self care and beauty supplies from our brick and mortar stores, so let me recommend you Flora and Fauna.

I’m a longtime fan of this Australian brand that makes zero waste and sustainable lifestyle essentials accessible to everyone. It’s my go-to site when it comes to beauty products because I know I can trust them and the brands they endorse.

I’m really making an effort to support businesses that align with my values and have a strong set of ethics. You can check more about their mission on their website.

Some reasons why we love them:

  • Since 2016, all their products are sent naked: just box and paper tape. Imagine all the plastic they’ve saved with such a simple move. When they send fragile objects, they use packaging peanuts made of cornstarch!
  • They’re a B Corp. This means that they’re corporate angels that choose to use their business for good.
  • They managed to offset all their emissions for 2019, even those of their team’s cars! Well done, F&F!
  • They’re 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Being kind to our planet, animals and people are at the centre of their work.

And I could go on and on, but we came here to talk about some sustainable pampering and self-care.

So let’s do this: turn on your favorite music, pour yourself a drink, and get ready to treat yourself.

Home spa – but make it sustainable



Something you should do every day and night is cleansing your skin. Also, do it before using any face mask.

Have you ever tried a bar cleanser? The first ones I ever tried (and I still use) are from this brand called Ethique, and there’s not a day that I miss bottled cleansers – I also need to mention that they last for a long-ass time, so you won’t need to be buying new ones often.

Ethique is on a mission to save as much plastic as possible from landfills, and so far they have saved more than 3.3 million plastic bottles. They sell products for hair, face, body, and even for your dog!

Oh! And they’re completely vegan and cruelty-free.

I’m currently using this facial cleanser in bars–they have different options for different skin types, and each of them has a different and heavenly smell.

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Cleansing pads

To make your routine as low waste as possible, use reusable cotton rounds.

They are washable and reusable, and they’ll last for a long, long time. Imagine how many single-use cleansing pads you’ll be saving.

Hemp is another great option. It’s super gentle on your skin, so, along with your favourite cleanser, these pads help you take off your makeup and cleanse your skin causing zero irritation.

Konjac sponges

I’ve talked about konjac sponges on the blog before just because they really changed my skincare routine for the better.

My skin tends to get very irritated when I exfoliate it, but since I started using these bad boys, I don’t have any irritation or redness problems, and my skin is clearer and softer than ever. Also, my acne scars are gone and I’m quite sure it’s thanks to my little konjac.

They’re super easy to use: just soak it in water and add your favourite cleanser for better results. You can use them for your face and for your body. They last a really long time, but when you’re ready to change yours, know that they’re completely natural and compostable!

This is the Green+Kind green tea konjac sponge is packed with antioxidants. There are many links this one you can find on Flora and Fauna. depending on your needs: for oily skin, mature skin,…

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Exfoliating bars

Remember when we used gels with microbeads to exfoliate our faces? Dark times.

Now we have many awesome exfoliants and scrubs with natural ingredients – both bottled and bar versions.

At the moment I’m very into gentle exfoliations for my face, and I’ve ordered and reordered this scrub from Ethique that I cannot recommend enough. I absolutely love how it cleans eeeeverything without stripping your face completely and making it feel dry.

You can use them three times a week or every other day and it won’t leave your skin feeling raw.

Its main ingredients are ginger, brown sugar and cinnamon – so just for a second imagine the scent. C’mon they look like little butter cookies.

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This is my favourite step of the whole pampering sesh. It feels…I don’t know…luxurious. We just can’t have a home spa without face masks.

And I love a good clay mask.

This one from Butt Nakedis formulated for dry skin, it’s vegan, organic, and preservative-free. Butt Naked makes its products with natural ingredients and without any preservatives, so when you get your mask, make sure you use it within the first three months!

They also donate 5% of their profits to dog shelters in Melbourne.

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Everyone needs to have a favourite serum. I’m still in the process of finding the perfect one for my skin, but these are a few I’ve tried and loved.

You can find many different options at many different price points, and with very different ingredients and properties.

This bar serum from Ethique. Yes, Ethique once again. Told you I love them.

Its main ingredients are shea butter, and rosehip and pomegranate oils. Shea butter is EXTREMELY hydrating, rosehip oil is often used to clarify the skin (works wonders with acne scars), and pomegranate oil is packed with antioxidants.

You can use it alone, but I love using it right before my moisturizer.

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Moisturizer and sun protection

To wrap up the skin section of our home spa, it’s time for a good moisturizer. Normally I use a tinted BB cream, but now we have nowhere to go let’s give our skins a breather.

But even if you’re staying home, WEAR SUN PROTECTION. I tell you this because I love you. I’m a crazy sun protection lady. If you work in front of a window, or you’re spending time kicking back on your balcony or your garden, please, please, wear sunscreen.

This daily moisturizer from Mukticomes with SPF15, and its organic, vegan and ocean safe.

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Next time you buy sun protection, always think about getting ocean safe or reef safe ones. You can check the last cream I showed you on this other post for more info on that.


Look, I’m not going to tell you to draw yourself a bath every day of the week. That’s not eco. But once in a while, we all need to submerge in warm scented and bubbly water and ignore reality for a while.

And this wouldn’t be a proper at- home spa without a nice bath.

Bath salts

Do you know about bath salts? I remember using them before bath bombs became a thing, and apparently they’re having their comeback.

So I found these ones from The Physic Garden that will give you the whole aromatherapy moment in your bathtub.

They have Epsom salt, which calms and relaxes your muscles. They’re handmade, completely natural and toxic-free, and vegan and cruelty-free. The brand has different smells to choose from, but the health properties of the salts are always there.

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Body scrub

This is my go-to DIY body scrub: mix coconut oil with USED coffee grounds, put some sugar in the mixture to add some texture. That easy.

But sometimes I want to spice things up a lil bit and treat myself with Butt Naked scrubs. I use theirs because they have the most amazing variety that you can check here.

This is my latest discovery: sugar and fruit bellini. It’s packed with vitamin A and E and antioxidants. Once again, Butt Naked doesn’t use preservatives, so make sure you use your scrub no later than three months – but I know you’ll love it and it won’t last that much.

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Natural sponges

If you don’t own a natural sponge or a brush made with natural fibres, I don’t know what you’re waiting for! Those colourful fluffy loofas that we’ve all had at some point are unsurprisingly made of plastic, and we don’t want that.

This brush by Eco Max is made of a type of cactus, so its completely natural and biodegradable. Everything about this brush is eco, and ethical.


Ditch the bottled gel and go for a natural bs-free soap bar.

And for this I really recommend you go to Ethique again. They have many different ingredient bases for different types of skin and needs, and different smells. Personally, I think this one with lavender and mint smells godly.

Have you tried any of these? Or do you have another favourite sustainable selfcare product you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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