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I’m an absolute podcast junkie. And my favorite genres are true crime and sustainability – this blog is not THAT dark yet, so today we’re talking about the latter.

I find that podcasts are such an amazing way to learn new stuff. While driving, exercising, doing the dishes, or waiting to fall asleep, you can listen to them anytime, anywhere. Super convenient.

Something I love about podcasts about sustainability and the environment is how accessible they make green living. They talk about facts, but they do it in such a conversational and lighthearted way that they empower us instead of making us feel helpless and all eco-anxious.

I discovered podcasts about sustainability just a couple of months ago, and I already have a few favorites – if you don’t see your favorite podcast here, tell me in the comments so that I can listen to it too!

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Podcasts on Sustainability

Positively Green Podcast

Listening to this podcast feels like you’re having a cozy chat over coffee with friends.

Kelsey and Becca, the hosts, talk about the sustainable side of food and diet, beauty,…even about holistic dog care.

They start each episode talking about their sustainable “pains and gains”, and chatting about positive news – you know we love some happy eco news here.

I find it really empowering because they address the challenges of sustainability in a very light and engaging way. They don’t want us to feel overwhelmed or guilty about the climate crisis, quite the opposite. They try to show us that having a positive environmental impact can be really, really easy.

After listening to their weekly episode, you’ll have a new and actionable eco tip to put into practice. Just as this blog, Positively Green is about progress, not perfection.

Favorite episodes:

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Green dreamer

Kaméa Chayne interviews changemakers from all fields. Entrepreneurs, authors and visionaries like Bea Johnson, the pioneer of zero waste; Katie Williams, from 1% For the Planet; or Orsola de Castro, from Fashion Revolution.

Every conversation is super informative and thought-provoking, with Super informative and thought-provoking, with very clear calls to action.

No matter how much or how little you know about sustainability, or how far along your sustainability journey you are, you’re gonna get a lot out of this podcast.

Favorite episodes:

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Trash Talking with Eco-Warriors

Barbara Lee, host and founder of Trash Beauty, interviews women leading in the fields of sustainability, eco-bisiness and responsible leadership.

They discuss the challenges they’ve found along their professional paths, and they share their stories of love and dedication for the environment.

It’s SUPER inspiring listening to such strong and influential women talk about the ins and outs of business and sustainability, about their career changes, their aspirations, and their motivations.

Favorite episodes:

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Eco Chic

Laura Diez covers every topic under the sun, from fashion and food, to economics, politics, and practical environmental science.

I love her take on each topic discussed, and the conclusion I reach after each episode is the same: everything in our lives has something to do with the environment.

This podcast is made for educated women who like to travel and to enjoy great food, who love taking care of their looks, who are eager to learn, and who want to make the best decisions for our environment. All in all, those who want to live a more eco-conscious life without giving up the things they enjoy.

Favorite episodes:

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Dana Rodriguez (@danarodriguezart) for Eco Chic Podcast

Good Together: Ethical, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Living

Laura Alexander Wittig and Liza Moiseeva bring you the most actionable tips for more sustainable life. From how to get started with zero waste to ethical travel, all the basics are covered.

They are the cofounders of Brightly, a media platform with the mission to empower conscious consumerism by studying and recommending brands and products that reach ethical and environmental standards.

Oh! And Good Together has been chosen by Apple as one of the top Podcasts for conscious consumers.

Favorite episodes:

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The Sustainable Style Podcast

I love this podcast because it focuses equally on sustainability and style, and gives you easy-peasy tips to actually achieve that perfect low impact wardrobe we all want and deserve.

Lauren Engelke & Kaitlynn “KP” Gee are professional stylists with the conviction that a minimalist wardrobe can help us find our perfect style – while, of course, helping us save the planet.

They give us their best styling tricks, chat about the meeting points of sustainability and fashion, and interview sustainability insiders.

Favorite episode:

  • Sustainability at the New York Fashion Week
  • How to Minimize Your Wardrobe
  • Outfit Repeating

Listen on: Apple Podcasts / Spotify / Stitcher / Sustainable Style Website

Practical(ly) Zero Waste

This is the podcast you need if you think zero waste is too much hassle.

Elsbeth Callaghan wants to show you that you can make a difference with little effort by making zero waste as convenient as possible. and how to make zero waste as convenient as possible.

Sometimes I struggle with zero waste, and many episodes of this podcast have helped me change my mindset and find ideas to make my life zero-ish waste.

Favorite episodes:

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Intentional with Sedona Christina

Christie, aka SedonaChristina is a YouTuber that talks about sustainable fashion, wellness, self-care, consciousness and sustainability. I love her and I’m sure you will, too.

I love how she talks about the intersection of sustainability and our own well-being, and how sustainability can be found in all areas of our lives. Lately, I’m super into intentional and slow living – you know, savouring the moment and all that stuff – so everything she talks about is really appealing to me.

Favorite episodes:

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