Wear your values

All Gala products are designed, embroidered and shipped with love (for you and for the planet). 

You consume mindfully, and we produce mindfully. 

We produce on demand, meaning that we don’t have stock, but we produce our pieces when you order them. Like this, we make sure there’s no unsold stock that can be damaged or ends in landfill.

Organic cotton

We know that no fiber is perfect, but organic cotton is pretty close.

Plastic-free delivery

Our supplier is a plastic-free company since 2019 🥂
You’ll receive your pieces in FSC certified paper packaging.

Ethical production

Our supplier takes the safety and welbeign of garment workers very seriously and works closely with the Fair Wear Foundation.

Zero waste system

Because we produce on demand, there is no overproduction, no unsold stock and minimal waste.

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