Do you want to support sustainable businesses? 

These are the posts in which I talk about sustainable brands I love.

“But Lidia, it would just be easier to give us a list of brands”, you might say. And prooobably you’re right.

But see, I don’t want to mindlessly feed you links and brand names. Instead, I want you to make educated decisions about the brands you truly believe in and want to support thanks to the info I give you about them and their values.

I want to show you why each sustainable brand is truly unique.

Remember that I only recommend you brands that I truly love and trust so that you can just do your shopping with a clean conscience.

Some of the links I feature are affiliate links, meaning that I’ll receive a little commission if you buy something through them – I will always notify you at the beginning of each post with affiliate links, but if you do buy something from them you’ll be supporting y work, so thank you SO much ily.

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