Staycation Ideas for a Week of Selfcare


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For the last week, I’ve seen a lot of negativity and anxiety over social media. So much so that I’ve stopped using my personal Instagram account.

This is not a planned post, this is just something I think some people – including me – need. Just a lighthearted talk about how we can still enjoy our lives and be grateful from home.

I never planned on talking about Coronavirus on my blog, but I hope this helps as most of Europe is in quarantine for the next month.

I hope this experience serves us to get over this 21st century constant FOMO and we learn how to slow down, be present and enjoy the company of our loved ones – whether they’re home with us or we have to see each other over FaceTime.

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Selfcare staycation ideas

1. Clean out your closet

Use this time to clean out your closet and get rid of all the stuff you don’t use anymore.

Go through your closet and decide what stays and what goes. You can donate or sell the things that don’t make you happy anymore.

At the end of this post we talked about the most sustainable ways to get rid of clothes you don’t want anymore. Check it out!

Oh, and this might be also the perfect opportunity to start your capsule wardrobe

You can learn more about how to make your wardrobe more sustainable with our series Sustainable Fashion 101.

2. Get your life in order

This goes especially for my Type A personality people.

You can order your living space, but as well it might be the perfect time to put your ducks in a row.

Doing these organisational tasks always gives me so much peace of mind: updating my bullet journal, checking my calendar, making to do lists,…

Right before the quarantine started, I got a new eco-friendly planner that I’m definitely starting this week. You can check it out here

3. Form a new habit

Do you know it takes 21 days to form a habit? With the imposed quarantine you have at least 15 of those days to focus exclusively on it. See? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 

So start exercising every morning, waking up early, or journaling every day.

It can be something as simple as getting in the habit of making your bed in the morning – I totally need to master that.

staycation ideas

4. Pamper yourself

Why don’t you try and make a home spa? Set the mood with candles or incense, take some fresh towels, put your favourite music,… This is the perfect opportunity to give yourself that extra love you’re usually too busy for.

You should also try to make DIY products with ingredients you have around the house – from hair masks or body scrubs to bath bombs, doing something yourself is always extra gratifying.

5. Learn something new

My little secret addiction is taking online courses.

It’s crazy how we have all the knowledge in the world at our fingertips but we choose to stay on the surface hopping from Twitter to Facebook back and forth.

You can learn ANYTHING you want on the internet.

My personal favourite learning platform is Skillshare because they offer tons of courses in the creative field.  You can learn anything from photography to illustration and graphic design.

You can find as well a selection of lifestyle courses – some of them on sustainability, like this one on sustainable living by the queen of zero waste Kathryn Kellogg herself.

6. Get back into an old hobby

We all have that one latent hobby that we quit because…well…adulting.

So get back into it for a couple of days, or for a week. Rediscover it and let it remind you why you loved it in the first place.

Maybe it’s writing, knitting, painting, … you name it. It may even be something as simple as reading.

7. Visit a museum (from your couch)

Thank god for technology.

Now you can visit museums online with virtual tours. No queues, no annoying museum-goers with their selfie sticks.

You can check this article with a list of some of the best virtual tours you can take.

8. Become a gourmet

Cook something completely different and out of your comfort zone, or maybe go the opposite way and try to master your favourite dish.

Why don’t you try to cook a different vegan meal each day of your staycation? Dust off your cookbooks or check online resources to find the best recipes.

If you don’t know what to start cooking, you can check the Minimalist Baker website – thank me later.

You can also start by making some zero waste vegan snacks. 

Oh, and don’t forget to make a lot of comfort food – it’s good for the soul.

zero waste snacks

9. Do that one thing you’ve been putting off

Ah, procrastinator’s guilt. My personal sin is saying day after day that I’ll start journaling, getting lazy and putting it off. Day after day after day.

Now you have no excuse to try that one thing you’ve been postponing.

Maybe it’s a long home yoga session, or maybe it’s getting started with meditation. Or just starting a new documentary series.

Just think about that thing you always have on the back of your mind.

10. Go through your zero waste kit and do a trash audit

If you have never heard of trash audits I understand you must be weirded out.

But a trash audit is basically checking what your trash is made up of so that you can be mindful about it and try to reduce it.

For example, if you find yourself throwing tons of snack wraps, maybe it’s time to consider alternatives with biodegradable wrap, or making your own ones. Or if you find that you have a lot of food going to waste, you can learn new ways to reduce it.

If you want to learn more about this, check this post by Going Zero Waste – aka zero waste queen herself.

11. Host a home event

Organize a mini event at home. Even if the only guests are your S/O and you!

Maybe organize a home film festival. You can choose a genre, TV show or movie series, make themed snacks, and spend the marathon day on your cozy corner of the sofa.

But you can come up with your very own event concept.

Something that my bf and I like to do once in a while is getting in the kitchen and making a lil cook-off. We put some music, get a glass of wine, and each of us cooks a secret dish. Then we compete to judge which one is better.

He always wins.

12. Redecorate your home just using what you have

There’s nothing more sustainable than what you already own.

So let that feng shui master you have in you take over and move things around. I love doing this every once in a while just to get a new and fresh look for my home.

Also, give DIYs a go.

The last thing I made was this net photo holder thingy for my polaroids. I just used rope that I had at home and these little clothespins.

staycation idea diy

13. Have thematic days

I love doing this.

Every once in a while, my boy and I like to cook Mexican, or Indian, or Japanese for a whole day. And then we have a themed movie marathon, or have national drinks from the country we choose.

It’s fun, you get to spend time with your loved ones, and you learn a ton of new things. And it keeps you from ordering food from outside when you want to eat something different.

You can also choose themes based on your favourite movie or book. Options are endless.

And I imagine this is something fun to do as well with children to keep them busy these days.

14. Play board games

Ok, this one can seem like a no-brainer.

But listen up. This Christmas, Santa brought my family a board game to play all together and it was the best gift my family had received in a loooong time. We spent the best time laughing and just enjoying each other’s company.

It’s an amazing opportunity to take our faces off our screens and do something different. And you know, socializing with the people you live with.

A couple of months I found the Operation board game in a flea market and I’m obsessed since then!

I encourage you to also find board games from second-hand shops or flea markets! Just as with clothes, #secondhandfirst

And most important

Take some time for yourself. I know you must be overwhelmed, but try to have some much-deserved me-time (or “we-time”).

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Talk with your partner over a long breakfast. Call your parents – they miss you and so does their cat. Spark a life update session on your uni friends WhatsApp group.

Which one of these staycation ideas is your favourite?

Do you have other ideas? We’d love to know! Leave them in the comments bellow <3

sustainable selfcare staycation ideas

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