Ever-growing List of Sustainable Marketplaces


Let’s start by getting this out of the way: yes, sites like Amazon can be really convenient and there are people who can depend off it in order to buy certain things.

But this list is for those that can say no to them. For example, Amazon has been slammed for unethical behaviors – you can read this post by Ethical Unicorn to learn more – and even more after Covid kicked our butts.

I also know that Amazon also features a bunch of eco-friendly brands and maybe that’s the excuse many of us use to keep going back to it, but wouldn’t it be better to support those brands through sustainable platforms?

I know that this isn’t an exhaustive list, so why don’t you let me know what I’m missing?

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One-stop sites


Etsy is your place if you’re looking for unique, handmade goodies from small businesses. You will find any product you need at very different price points: from handmade soaps and beauty products to jewellery and art supplies.

My favorite feature? It helps you find local businesses and encourages you to support them.

Shipping: worldwide


EBay has been around for longer than most internet users 👀.

On eBay you can find products uploaded by the community, used or not. So next time you declutter your home, consider selling your unused stuff on eBay.

We consider it sustainable because it promotes circularity. Maybe it’s not the best place to go to find a specific product you might be looking for, but I bet you’ll find random gems and great deals for unique pieces.

Shipping: worldwide


Using their words, they only feature brands that make great stuff and make the world better. They’re also a B-Corp and member of 1% for the Planet.

They have products that range from fashion to home goodies, food, beauty and selfcare. I love that each product listing explains clearly why that product is sustainable, how it was made and all that good stuff.

Also…you should check out their plugin. It shows you sustainable alternatives to products you browse on Google or Amazon and it alerts you if you’re about to purchase something from a brand that supports…erm…a certain US president.

Shipping: US and Canada – but expanding!


You can find almost everything from zero waste goodies to clothing, products for the house, beauty, travel, tech and things for your pets.

They do not believe in this linear and wasteful economy we live in and they promote the use of quality upcycled and recycled materials that can last a lifetime.

They feature some brands that we absolutely love around here such as A Good Company and Pela Case.

Shipping: US (and Canada with exceptions)

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is a B Corp that has been doing good for the planet and its people for 20 years! It’s a very recent discovery for me but I believe it’ll be my go-to place for gift shopping now that we can’t go to brick and mortar stores.

They support independent makers and all about giving back, they put people first and they are making amazing efforts to become more and more eco-friendly.

Shipping: worldwide with exceptions

Fashion and home


OurCommonplace is your destination for ethical and sustainable fashion, beauty and decor shopping.

It is a member of 1% for the planet and the Female Founder Collective and their shipping and returns are 100% carbon neutral. Love it.

They also have brand selections according to what you want to support: BIPOC owned, female owned, vegan,…

Shipping: US

The Good Apparel

The Good Apparel is very strict with the brands it supports. It only features sustainable, ethical and transparent brands that use exclusively clean ingredients and excludee those using virgin plastics.

Along with these super strong values, they offer a very wide variety of the most stylish sustainable clothing and accessories, and some of our favourite beauty and skincare products.

Shipping: Europe

Made Trade

Made Trade offers beauty products and clothing, but I love it most because of its furniture and home section.

They have beautiful one-of-a-kind decoration pieces that can dress up any space. Each product has a very detailed description with what each product has to offer sustainability-wise.

You can also shop by value: BIPOC owned, vegan, fair trade,…

Shippping: worldwide

Second-hand fashion


Poshmark allows you to buy and sell clothing items from people all over the world. If circular fashion is your thing, Poshmark is the way to go.

Shipping: worldwide


Thredup is the largest online second-hand platform. You’ll find anything from everyday fashion to designer clothes and the offer is huuuge – they add new curated pieces every day.

You should check out their rescues page, where they include pieces of clothing that need a little TLC but definitely deserve a second chance.

Psst! If you buy something using this link you’ll get $10 discount!


Vinted allows you to buy and sell anything from fashion items to home decoration.

The feature that makes it unique is that you have the option to sell and buy, but also to swap!

Shipping: worldwide

You can find more online thrift shops here.


Better World Books

Their motto is doing well by doing good and I – goosebumps.

If you’re a romantic like me who loves the feeling of paper pages vs digital books but you feel eco-guilt for it, here are a few reasons to buy from BWB:

  • they donate a book to someone in need every time you make a purchase from them
  • they foster literacy
  • they have reuse more than 370 MILLION books and raised more than 31 million dollars for libraries an literacy
  • just for a few cents, you can balance the carbon emissions of your book delivery

Shipping: worldwide


You’re a busy person and can never find time to read, so why don’t give audiobooks a try.

Libro.fm allows you to purchase audiobooks from your local bookstore so that you can support small businesses and make a difference in your community.

“Shipping”: international


They sell pre-loved books at very affordable prices and rare and out-of-print treasures.

They asses the quality of your book before listing them on their website, so you don’t have to worry about that!

Shipping: international


When you purchase books from Hive, they give a part of their earnings to a local UK-based bookshop of your choice.

They don’t want to see more indpendent book stores closing, and they’re doing an amazing work to avoid it.

Shipping: UK

Zero waste home and beauty


Itemerie doesn’t believe in the disposable culture and wants to prove that a different future is possible with their made-to-last creations. They do believe in clean, non-toxic, ethical and responsibly-made and artisanal quality goodies.

From gorgeous home decorations items to accessories and beauty products, itemerie has your needs in the home and selfcare department covered.

Shipping: US and Canada

Objects of Use

Objects of Use is a UK-based modern-day hardware store that offers consciously-sourced handcrafter home goods.

They believe that simplicity and mindfulness can guide our every day lives through their items and they support traditional craft and artisanal heritage.

Shipping: Worldwide

Package Free Shop

Do you know Lauren Singer? Well’ she’s the girl with the jar, the face behind the blog Trash Is For Tossers and the founder of the Package Free Shop.

At Package Free Shot they’re committed to changing the single-use culture and to making sustainability accessible. They have you covered with zero-waste items for every situation in your life and every room in your house. And in case you need some help to get started, why don’t you check their zero waste kits?

Shipping: worldwide

Flora and Fauna

If you’ve been here for a minute you know I love F&F and that I have discovered many amazing zero waste brands thanks to them.

This B Corp Certified Australian business empowering their local makers by selling their products to a global audience. They have fantastic principles like plastic-free packaging, carbon-neutral shipping and cruelty-free goodness.

They have a huge selection of beauty, self care and home cleaning products – and some fashion items sprinkled here and there.

Shipping: worldwide

Grove Collaborative

Grove offers natural household and selfcare products.

Their whole catalogue is vegan and cruelty-free and they only collaborate with brands that are completely transparent about thier ingredients, ethical supply chains and sustainable materials.

Shipping: contiguous US


From powder dish soap to washing machine tablets, Blueland offers everything for an affordable natural and non-toxic home.

My favorite feature? You can send your empties back to be refilled.

Shipping: US

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